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Planning Permit Applications

This page provides the planning permit application forms, fee schedule and supplemental guidance information and submittal checklists.  The plan preparation guidelines and supplemental checklists outline the basic requirements for planning application submittals.  Note that the completed application form must be submitted along with the required application fee(s) and supplemental materials as indicated either on the form or in the application checklist.  Applications that do not include these materials will not be deemed complete.  Contact the Planning Department at (415) 508-2120 or planning@brisbaneca.org if you have questions about application requirements.

Planning Application Forms:  

Planning Application Fees

Business Licenses:  Business Licenses are processed by  Avenu (formerly MuniServices) in partnership with the Planning, Finance and Fire Departments.  Refer to the City’s Business License webpage for further information, at https://archive.brisbaneca.org/business-licenses .  Supplemental Planning Department forms are required for certain business, as follows:

Other Applications Processed by the Planning Department:  

General Guidance Documents 

Planning Application Checklists

Design and Planned Development 

Grading Review  

Tree Removal and Landscaping 


Use Permits 


Development Exceptions/Variances 

Lots, Subdivisions and Maps 


Amendments to General Plan 

Environmental Review – Refer to CEQA Guidelines and contact Planning Staff