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About the Brisbane Fire Department-NCFA

station 81The Brisbane Fire Department started as a volunteer organization in 1932 and in many ways was the organizational and administrative center around which the City was formed.  Shortly after the City's incorporation in 1961, the Fire Department in 1963 became a professional, career department.

In 2003 the cities of Daly City, Brisbane, and Pacifica collaborated to form the North County Fire Authority (NCFA) through a Joint Powers Authority agreement.  The primary objective for this effort was to provide a cost-effective and efficient delivery of Fire Department emergency and non-emergency services to an area of approximately 60 square miles serving a population of over 185,000 residents.

Under the North County Fire Authority, headed by Fire Chief Ron Myers, fire stations and fire companies are strategically located throughout the three communities, which provide rapid assistance for medical, fire or other hazardous situations.

To learn more, visit the North County Fire Authority at www.northcountyfire.org.