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About the Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of five members, appointed by the City Council for terms of four years each.  The authority for the work of the Commission is established in State law and in the Brisbane Municipal Code.  The primary duties and responsibilities of the Commission are:

  1. To review, take public testimony, and make recommendations to the City Council in regard to the City's General Plan, which is a comprehensive, long-term compilation of policies regarding the physical, social and economic development of the City.
  2. To develop zoning regulations to implement the General Plan, hold public hearings, and make recommendations regarding the adoption of these regulations to the City Council.
  3. To consider and take action on land use development applications, such as use permits, design permits, variances, and subdivision applications.
  4. To assist the City Council as requested by reviewing and commenting on special projects, studies, and reports and by holding public meetings and hearings to gather public comment.
The Planning Commission will meet regularly on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 7:30pm.  The Planning Commission meets in the Community Meeting Room at Brisbane City Hall, 50 Park Place Agendas are publicly posted at least 72 hours before the meetings.  The agendas provided on the website include links to the agenda reports.  Minutes are posted to the website following adoption by the Commission.  Planning Commission meetings are televised on Comcast Channel 27, recorded to DVD and video recordings are provided below.  To receive e-mail notifications of meetings, please contact the Planning Dept. at (415) 508-2120.  See current, archived and upcoming meetings.
To contact the Commission, send an email to:  planningcommissioners@brisbaneca.org.  This e-mail address is delivered to all Planning Commission members and the Planning staff.  Written information or comments that may include a person's name, address, e-mail address, etc. submitted to the Planning Commission and City staff are public records under the California Public Records Act, are subject to disclosure and may appear on the City's website. 

Planning Commissioners: 
Pamala Sayasane, Chair  
Appointed:  Oct. 2017 
Term Expires:  Jan. 2020 
Douglas Gooding, Vice-Chair  
Appointed:  Mar. 2018 
Term Expires:  Jan. 2020    
Napallo Gomez-Somer 
Appointed:  Mar. 2018 
Term Expires:  Jan. 2022 
Coleen Mackin   
Appointed:  Jan. 2017 
Term Expires:  Jan. 2020 
Sandip Patel 
Appointed:  Mar. 2018 
Term Expires:  Jan. 2022