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Potential Development Projects & Sites

This page provides an overview of approved and  planned residential projects (4 + units) and new commercial development within the Brisbane planning area.  Residential projects of 3 or fewer units and commercial tenant improvements are not included in this list.  Questions on the projects and opportunity sites listed on this page may be directed to the Planning Department at (415) 508-2120 or planning@brisbaneca.org.

Mixed Use Projects

Baylands:  The Baylands consists of approximately 660 acres between Bayshore Boulevard and U.S Hwy 101 from Brisbane Lagoon to Beatty Avenue.  The City’s planning process to establish land use mix and intensity is underway.  For current information on this process, see the Brisbane Baylands City Council proceedings webpage.  The property owner contact is Kevin Cullina, (415) 484-1790.
36-50 San Bruno Ave:  Mixed Use/Senior Housing Project:  Planning approvals were granted in October 2017 for a three-story, mixed use/senior housing building at 36-50 San Bruno Avenue in central Brisbane.  The project includes sixteen, 1-bedroom units and 464 square feet of ground-floor commercial space and parking on a 9,505 square foot lot.  Two of the units will be designated for low income households and one unit for very low income.  Project architect/applicant is James W. Trotter,  jt Architecture+Design, (415) 934-1955. 
23 San Bruno Avenue:  Mixed Use Project:  Planning approvals were granted in January 2016 and extended in March 2018 for a three-story, mixed-use building, including four residential units on the second and third floors over an approximately 550 sq. ft. ground floor commercial space and  parking, on a 5,000 sq. ft. lot in central Brisbane.  The project architect/applicant is Joseph J. Railla, (415) 637-9698, and the property owner is Lon Carter, (415) 637-5866. 

Residential Projects

3750-3780 Bayshore Boulevard:  Planning approvals were granted in 2005 for a 30 unit residential condominium complex on 2.9 acres.  Building and grading permits and a tentative map application are currently under review by the City.  The development contact is Norcal Realty, (415) 312-3388, and the architect is KB Design & Consulting, LLC, (415) 963-3343.
Parkside Precise Plan:  The City adopted the Parkside at Brisbane Village Precise Plan in 2017, establishing affordable housing overlay zoning districts (density ranging from 20-28 units per acre) over 280 Old County Road, 91-145 Park Lane, and 25-43 Park Place to allow a minimum of 240 residential units.  The housing overlay districts preserve the existing permitted uses in the Crocker Industrial Park.  The properties are privately owned and currently developed with occupied warehouse, light manufacturing, and office uses.  Check out the Parkside Plan webpage for additional information. 

Commercial Projects

Sierra Point Biotech Campus:  Planning approvals were granted in January 2008 for development of a 540,000 square foot research & development complex, plus 15,000 square feet of retail on this 22-acre site located southeast of Sierra Point Parkway and east of Shoreline Court.  In 2017, building permit applications were submitted for the first two research and development buildings and it is anticipated that construction will commence in Spring  2018.  For additional information on this project, see the Sierra Point Biotech Campus Webpage.  The development contact is Scott Bohn, HCP Brisbane LLC, (650) 875-1002. 
3000-3500 Marina Boulevard: Planning approvals were granted in November 2018 to modify a previously-approved design permit to construct a biotechnology campus consisting of three buildings totaling approximately 422,000 square feet on a vacant property in the Sierra Point subarea north of Sierra Point Parkway and west of Marina Boulevard. No building permit applications have been submitted. The development contact is Mike Gerrity, P3-LSP II, LLC, (858) 254-3307.

Other Potential Sites

9000 Marina BoulevardSierra Point has an approved Master Plan which includes development of a 700-room hotel at 9000 Marina Boulevard, at the eastern end of the subarea.  There are no project proposals in process at this time.  The contact for this property is Jonathan Scharfman, UPC, (415) 468-6676. 

1 Quarry Road The Quarry is within Brisbane's sphere of influence, south of Crocker Park.  It has operated since 1895.  The subarea, including undisturbed areas, totals approximately 144 acres.  Its General Plan designation is Planned Development-Trade Commercial & Open Space (subject to annexation/pre-zoning).  The owner/contact for this property is Pensco Trust Company Inc. c/o E & F Financial Services, (650) 341-0322.