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City of Brisbane Website Mission

The City of Brisbane's website is designed to provide the community access to City or local government departments, services and programs.  Secondarily, the website also provides the community and visitors links to pertinent visitor-related information about the area.  From time to time, departments may wish to provide links to other sites that provide state or federal government information, additional information about the community, including festivals, events and local news, or other information supporting the City’s policies and programs.  The City's Website Mission is comprised of the following six aspects:

  1. Provide access to material about City of Brisbane services, programs and activities, City officials and staff, government issues and local government process, and public facilities;
  2. Gauge community satisfaction with City services and/or work programs;
  3. Encourage community members to participate in City government;
  4. Provide access to pertinent information about San Mateo County;
  5. Offer information in an effective and time-efficient manner; and
  6. Manage the number of links and material on the Website in order to ensure that the City’s information is easily discernible.

For any site-related questions, please contact the Webmaster
by email or at (415) 508-2157