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Successor Agency to the Former Redevelopment Agency


On December 29, 2011, the California Supreme Court issued its ruling in California Redevelopment Association et al. v. Ana Matosantos et al.  The Court upheld AB1x26, invalidated AB1X27, and extended all statutory deadlines under AB1X26.  As of February 1, 2012, redevelopment agencies throughout the State ceased to exist.

On July 1, 2018, a Countywide Oversight Board was established in accordance with Health and Safety Code 34197(j).  The City's Oversight Board was dissolved, and the San Mateo County Controller's Office is staff to the new Countywide Oversight Board.  The Board is responsible for providing direction and oversight to the Successor Agencies as they wind down the affairs of their former redevelopment agencies.  All action items, including the ROPS, are subject to the Countywide Oversight Board review and approval going forward.  Link to the San Mateo County Oversight Board is available here.  Past Agendas and Minutes of the City's former Oversight Board are available by clicking here

Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules

The following Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules (ROPS) were adopted by the Successor Agency and approved by its Oversight Board.  To view the ROPS, please click on the following links:

Last and Final ROPS - Covering July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2046
ROPS Covering July 2016 - June 2017
ROPS Covering January - June 2016
ROPS Covering July - December 2015
ROPS Covering January - June 2015
ROPS Covering July - December 2014
ROPS Covering January - June 2014
ROPS Covering July - December 2013
ROPS Covering January - June 2013
ROPS Covering July - December 2012
Updated ROPS - March 1, 2012
Amended Enforceable ROPS - January 23, 2012
RDA Enforceable ROPS
Updated RDA ROPS - September 14, 2011
Updated RDA ROPS - January 23, 2012

Brisbane's Redevelopment Agency's Financial Report (CRDA)

Each year, an independent auditors' report is prepared by a certified public accountant firm.  This document is produced in accordance with governmental auditing standards.  The firm's audit is conducted for the purpose of forming opinions on the financial statements that collectively comprise the Agency's basic financial statements.  *The Agency is also required to use funds to support low-to-moderate income housing.  For a complete list of affordable housing units in the City, check out the Low Mod Housing Database.

* Starting in 2012, the independent audit report for the Successor Agency is part of the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).  Click here for the City's annual CAFRs.

Former Brisbane Redevelopment Agency - Project Area #1 Plan

1.  Original Plan (adopted 12/6/76 by Ordinance 219)

2.  First Amendment (adopted 1/9/95 by Ordinance 396)

3.  Second Amendment (adopted 11/8/99 by Ordinance 442)

4.  Third Amendment (adopted 5/13/02 by Ordinance 464)

5.  Fourth Amendment (adopted 3/25/02 by Ordinance 465)

6.  Fifth Amendment (adopted 7/19/04 by Ordinance 491)

7.  Sixth Amendment (adopted 4/17/06 by Ordinance 510)

Former Brisbane Redevelopment Agency - Project Area #2 Plan

Project Area Two, adopted in 1982, comprises the remainder of the Baylands area up to the San Francisco boundary.  This territory includes the Kinder Morgan Tank Farm, Ice House Hill, the Martin PG&E substation near Geneva Ave. and the undeveloped hillside properties across Bayshore Blvd. from the Industrial Way business park.

1.  Original Plan with first amendment

2.  Second Amendment Ordinance 397

3.  Third Amendment Ordinance 442

4.  Fourth Amendment

5.  Ordinance 471 adopting Fourth Amendment

6.  Fifth Amendment

7.  Ordinance 472 adopting Fifth Amendment

8.  Sixth Amendment

9.  Ordinance 492 adopting Sixth Amendment

10.  Seventh Amendment

Brisbane Redevelopment Agency Projects, 1981 to date:

  • Sierra Point Office Park (1981-1983)
    • Freeway On/Off ramps
    • Streets (Lagoon Way/Sierra Point Parkway)
    • Utilities
  • Sierra Point Marina (570 berth marina on SF Bay, completed 1983)
  • Brisbane Community Park land acquisition (1986)
  • Fire Station (partially funded construction, 1992)
  • Low and Moderate Income Senior Apartments and Senior Center (land acquisition and development financing, 1995-1998)
  • Affordable Housing site acquisitions
    • Visitacion Ave. at San Francisco Ave. (1995)
    • Plumas Street (1996)
    • San Bruno Ave. (2003)
    • Visitacion Ave. at Monterey St. (2003)
  • Park ‘n Ride Lot (funded acquisition, 2004)
  • Low and Moderate Inc. First Time Homebuyer Program (down payment assistance, 1998-present)
  • Habitat for Humanity 7 unit project (2006)
  • Tunnel Ave. Bridge Replacement (partially funded construction, 2006)

For any questions about the Successor Agency, please contact the City of Brisbane Finance Department.