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Sewer Information

The City of Brisbane provides sanitary sewer services to the residents and businesses in its service area. The service area consists of approximately 3,600 residents, several commercial areas and some light industrial development. The sewer collection system consists of more than 80,000 feet of laterals, mains, trunks and 20,000 feet of forcemains, ranging in size from 6 to 24 inches in diameter. Additionally, there are approximately 4,350 feet of private sewers consisting of 4- and 6-inch diameter pipelines. Click here to view the City's Sewer Lateral Information Guide. A series of gravity collection system mains and smaller pumping stations convey most of the wastewater flow to the Valley Drive Pump Station. The wastewater is then delivered to the 78-inch diameter City of San Francisco interceptor and ultimately conveyed to the Southeast Water Quality Control treatment facility.

The City completed a Sanitary Sewer Master Plan in July 2003 that includes a condition assessment, flow projections, capacity evaluation, and a recommended capital improvement program. The projects within the capital improvement program are assigned four priority levels based on degree of hydraulic and/or structural deficiencies.

Click on this link to read the City's most current  Sewer System Management Plan.

For any questions or comments regarding the City of Brisbane's Sewer System Management Plan please contact:

Sewer maintenance personnel are responsible for maintaining the collection system (pipelines and manholes), responding to service calls for backups/blockages, and maintaining/operating the City’s four pump stations. The City completed construction on a $2 million replacement pump station for the largest of these four, the Valley Drive Lift Station. It went online in the fall of 2003.