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Baylands Sustainability Framework

The citizens of Brisbane have widely expressed the importance of sustainability and its application to the Brisbane Baylands project. In response, the City Council formed a Baylands Sustainability Committee to prepare the Draft Baylands Sustainability Framework, which is organized around the ten One Planet Living principles developed by BioRegional.  The committee's efforts involved five years of effort, multiple drafts and numerous rounds of community review and feedback.

The efforts culminated in the City Council's acceptance of the Final Baylands Sustainability Framework on November 5, 2015.  The Framework can be accessed here.

The purpose of the Sustainability Framework is to identify key sustainability principles to be addressed in future Baylands development and create an approach to implement these principles.  The principles, key performance indicators and implementation approaches in the Framework are aspirational and are not intended as mandatory requirements for any future Baylands project. This document is expected to continually evolve over the course of the Baylands project to reflect new information, new funding mechanisms, new policies and technologies, and improvements to the project design.  Thus it is termed a “living document.”  The Framework will inform the City’s ongoing decision-making process for the Baylands.

Sustainability Framework For The Baylands Final Report November 2015