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About Public Works

Public Works (PW) is responsible for the engineering and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure, and for all new capital projects. PW is organized into two Divisions; Engineering (engineers, inspectors, administrative support) and Operations & Maintenance (the field crews).

Public works is made up of the following departments:

Administration  – provides overall management for the Department of Public Works (DPW)

Streets/Storm Drains/Lighting – provides engineering and maintenance resources for the City’s streets, right-of-way, and storm drain system.  

Brisbane Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, February 2017

Buildings & Grounds – provides engineering and maintenance for the City buildings and turf & landscaped areas

Park Maintenance  – provides engineering and maintenance for City recreational areas (Community Pool, Community Park, etc.)

Sierra Point Lighting & Landscape – provides engineering and maintenance for the assessment district at Sierra Point

Development  - provides engineering and inspection services related to grading permits, encroachment permits, and development review

Water – provides engineering and maintenance for central Brisbane’s water system

Information on Pharmaceutical Residues in Drinking Water

Guadalupe Valley Municipal Improvement District - provides engineering and maintenance for the water, sewer, storm drain, streets, landscaping and lighting in the Crocker Park and Northeast Ridge area

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System - provides engineering and maintenance to conform with the requirements of the federal Clean Water Act and the state storm water discharge permit

City staff also helps to oversee the San Mateo Countywide Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program.  Click here to watch a staff interview and learn more about the program.

Sewer - provides engineering and maintenance for central Brisbane’s sewer system

Sustainability - provides support to the Open Space and Ecology Committee, plans and implements the Climate Action Plan and other environmental programs, including the Building Efficiency Program

DPW provides the engineering and maintenance for twenty-five (25) miles of water main, four water reservoirs, four water pump stations, nineteen (19) miles of sewer main, four sewer lift stations, twenty-three (23) miles of roads, nineteen (19) public facilities, forty-four (44) landscaped areas, and over 350 trees. Working on these (and all the other unnamed items) requires an aggressive schedule of proactive maintenance.

"Brisbane Public Works - Proud to be of Service"