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Mayor's Art Achievement Award

The Annual Mayor's Art Achievement Award for Recognition in the Arts is awarded each Spring at a City Council Meeting.  Artists who reside in the City of Brisbane and who have achieved the required recognition are invited to apply.  An artist may also self nominate for this award. 

The purpose of the program is to first honor Brisbane residents who have achieved recognition through the exhibition, performance, or publication of their works of art.  It also allows the community to understand the rich diversity and depth of talent that surrounds us.

Visual Artists are required to have been included in five exhibitions.  Performing Artists must have performed in five different venues or productions. Literary Artists are required to have five publications of their short literary work published in: reviews, journals, magazines, newspapers or have had a play or screenplay produced or published a novel or book of poetry.

Applications and additional information and qualifications for nomination are available from the Brisbane City Manager’s Office in City Hall, 50 Park Place.  Please feel free to call for applications as well at 508-2114.

Past Recipients of the Mayor's Art Achievement Award:

2011 - Dolores Gomez, Christy, Thilmany

2010 - Mary Parisi

2009 - Ray Beldner, Sharon Grebanier, Michael Grebanier

2007 - Carole Nelson

2006 - Anne Dillon Hopkins, Amy Dondy, Jill Miller

2005 - Moira Lukas

2004 - Elya Finn, Kevin Fryer, Katie Kerwin, Kristie Kerwin, JungHae Kim, LynAnn King, Mark Pauline

2003 - Christian Greuel, Tom Heinz, Kathleen Large, Moira Lukas

2002 - David Brown, Beth Grossman, Paul Johnson, Mark Miremont, Al Molina, Leesa Whitten Greenlee                                                                         "Big Flower" by Moira Lukas