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Planning and Building operations will be limited to the electronic processing of emergency permits to address immediate life safety and health issues.  If you have an emergency situation which requires a permit to correct, please contact the Building Division during regular business hours at (415) 508-2120. For routine permits, the Building Department will continue to process active building permit applications electronically as staffing levels and availability allow.  


The Planning division of the Community Development Department is responsible for long range and current planning issues.  We are here to answer all your questions regarding zoning for a property, the General Plan, Planning Commission or anything else related to planning in Brisbane.

Staff and Contact Info

Planning Commission:  The Planning Commission is appointed by, and serves as an advisory body to, the City Council on planning and development issues.  It is the primary decision making body for planning applications.  Agendas, reports and minutes of Planning Commission meetings may be viewed here and Public Notices may be viewed here.

Habitat Conservation Plan:  The San Bruno Mountain Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) was authorized by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the HCP plan operator is the County of San Mateo.  Certain areas of Brisbane are within the HCP boundaries and therefore development plans within these areas require environmental review/biological assessment in addition to the usual planning permits that would be required.  The HCP extends into the following Brisbane planning areas:  Northeast Ridge, Northwest Bayshore, Brisbane Acres, Southwest Bayshore, Quarry, Owl and Buckeye Canyons.  For further information on development requirements within the HCP contact City planning staff.

Property Information:  General property information, such as assessed value and recorded maps, may be obtained through the County Assessor or Recorders Offices, searchable by property address or Assessor Parcel Number (APN) on the the Countywide GIS map portal, or at their offices at 555 County Center, Redwood City.  For more detailed site information, the City's files may be reviewed at the Building & Planning Counter, at City Hall, 50 Park Place.