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Vision Statement

The men and women of the Brisbane Police Department, working in Partnership with the Community, provide a highly effective and responsive police service, which protect individual rights, respect community values, and enhance professional ethics.

The Brisbane Police Department is responsible for processing, storing, and when appropriate destroying police reports and other documents. It protects lives and property through police patrol, criminal investigations, and the enforcement of laws. It also provides service to the community for crime prevention, disaster preparedness, hazard abatement, and the mediation of disputes.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the members of the Brisbane police department, working in partnership with their community, to provide highly effective and responsive police services which protect individual rights, respect community values, and enhance professional ethics. We welcome the challenge to meet the present demands and prepare for the future while preserving the unique environment of the community we serve.

Statement of Values      

We, the members of the Brisbane Police Department, recognize our contributions to the quality of life and a safe environment in our community, through the provision of professional law enforcement services. We will meet the challenge of providing these services by basing our thoughts and actions on the following shared values:


We value candor, honesty and ethical behavior in the members of our department. We are committed to uphold our positions of trust by maintaining the highest ethical standards as set forth in the Code of Professional Conduct for California Police Officers and the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. Communications must be open and honest between the department and the community we serve and between the members of the department.

    * Insure that accurate reporting occurs at all levels;
    * Promote and recognize ethical behavior and actions;
    * Value the reputation of our profession and agency;
    * Promote honesty over loyalty;
    * Openly discuss ethical and operational issues that require change; and,
    * Individually and collectively act to prevent abuses of the law and violation of civil rights.


We value the spirit of professionalism, having a clear sense of commitment, perspective and direction. It is developed by creating an environment that encourages teamwork, innovation and constant evaluation of ourselves. The professional attitude is dedicated to quality, timeliness and excellence in our service to the community.

    * Reward and recognize those who contribute to the development of more effective ways of providing police service;
    * Strive to minimize conflict which negatively impacts our work product, yet support the resolution of differences in the name of delivering quality police services; and,
    * Require a standard of professional performance for all members of the Department.

Service to Our Community

We value the opportunity to provide service in a manner which is fair, courteous, responsive and efficient. An attitude of respect for, and the protections of, the worth, dignity and rights of all whom we serve, is the foundation of our department.

    * Encourage employees to live the philosophy of “Partnership with the Community” in the spirit of proactive Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving. We encourage members to interact and meet with people from the residential and business community and seek out their involvement in dealing with the concerns and problems in their daily lives;
    * Promote and discuss the positive aspects of our department and the work we do throughout the community; and,
    * Promote programs and policies that continue to build the relationship we enjoy between the members of the department and the community at large.


We value the need for effective use of our resources and openness of our department by communication with our citizens. We will be responsible for our actions, willing to admit our mistakes, and will ensure that our behavior earns the respect and trust of all segments of the public.

    * Listen to and promote suggestions emanating from all levels of the department;
    * Promote an atmosphere that encourages prudent “risk-taking” and recognizes that growth and learning may be spawned by honest mistakes; and,
    * Regularly assess the cost vs. benefit of various programs with an eye toward improvement of the services we offer and cost-effective program management.

Pride in and Enjoyment of Our Profession

We believe our work to be a source of enjoyment and satisfaction but recognize that a balance must exist between our personal and professional lives. We are proud of our accomplishments as an integral part of the community. We do not take ourselves so seriously that we fail to have some fun doing what we chose to do – serving in the Law Enforcement Profession with the Brisbane Police Department.

    * Publicly acknowledge and praise employees that excel in their jobs;
    * Support employees in their pursuit of higher education; and,
    * Provide an exemplary role model to the youth in our community.