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Baylands Info Prior to 12/31/18

The Brisbane Baylands encompasses approximately 660 acres, generally bordered on the west by Bayshore Boulevard, north by the City and County of San Francisco, east by the U.S. Hwy 101 causeway, and south by Brisbane Lagoon.  It is comprised of a former municipal landfill and former rail yard, and presents both exciting opportunities and formidable challenges for the City.  The site's history left a legacy of contamination requiring extensive remediation.  Yet the remediated site holds the promise of enhanced environmental quality, opportunities for use and enjoyment by Brisbane residents via trails and enhanced open spaces, and new sustainable development contributing to the City's economic health, housing availability, social diversity, and environment. 

The City is committed to a planning process which engages the community and maximizes opportunities for open dialogue and input along with public review and comment.   You may direct general comments or questions regarding the Baylands to Baylands@brisbaneca.org.  Written information or comments that may include a person's name, address and e-mail address, etc. submitted to the City, City Council, Council Commissions and Committees and City staff are public records under the California Public Records Act, are subject to disclosure and may appear on the City's website.  

Also, for general information on past and future activities, agenda reports and presentations, see the Sequence of Events.  Some of the most commonly asked questions may be viewed at FAQs.  

Case GP-1-18/Measure JJ  

On November 6, 2018 Brisbane voters approved Measure JJ, thereby approving a General Plan amendment (Case GP-1-18) for the Baylands to allow a range of 1,800-2,200 residential units and 6.5 million square feet of additional commercial development plus 500,000 square feet of hotel space.  The approved General Plan Amendment can be viewed here.  Previously on July 19, 2018 the City Council certified the Final Environmental Impact Report (view Resolution here and Attachment 1 and Attachment 2), approved Case GP-1-18 and directed that Case GP-1-18 be placed on the November 2018 ballot for voter consideration.  

In addition to defining permitted land uses and amount of development, GP-1-18 also includes a number of new policies to govern future development of the site.  These policies address:  ensuring site safety for residential development; securing an adequate water supply; requiring that future development be revenue positive for the City; incorporating sustainability principles; protecting/enhancing the Roundhouse and key habitat areas; and addressing flood protection and sea level rise.

City Council Proceedings 

The City Council's Baylands proceedings including adopted resolutions can be found here.   

Media Coverage 

Press coverage of the Brisbane Baylands project can be viewed here

Planning Commission Review 

The Planning Commission's proceedings and recommendations regarding the Baylands can be viewed here

City-Initiated Baylands Survey 

In 2015, the City undertook a mail-in survey sent to all registered voters in Brisbane to gauge community opinions and attitudes on a number of issues pertaining to the Baylands. The Baylands survey results may be reviewed here and a summary presentation made to the City Council may be viewed here.  

Fiscal Analysis of Potential Future Development for the Baylands 

The City hired an independent consultant (Keyser Marston Associates) to evaluate the fiscal/economic issues associated with potential future development of the Baylands. Specifically they analyzed the potential fiscal impacts of some development scenarios on the City of Brisbane’s General Fund, and looked at broader economic feasibility considerations pertaining to future development.  Please visit the Fiscal and Economic Information page to review the reports and view the presentation. 


The Baylands Draft EIR and the Final EIR are available for review online and at City Hall and the Brisbane Library. 

EIR Process 

The Environmental Impact Report Process page includes information and links to EIR-related activities prior to publication of the draft EIR. 

Baylands Sustainability Framework 

On November 5th, 2015, the City Council accepted the Final Baylands Sustainability Framework which can be found here

Specific Plan and Infrastructure Plan

In February 2011, Universal Paragon Corporation (UPC) released their submitted draft Baylands Specific Plan.

Public Space Master Plan 

In developing a community-based alternative for the Baylands, it became clear that the public space component would be vital to the success of the plan. In 2009, a Public Space Master Plan was developed and integrated into the Community Alternative.

Baylands Speaker Series 

In preparation for the development of alternatives to the project, the City engaged several speakers to focus on the relevant topics to this process, which may be viewed at the Baylands Speaker Series.


To learn more about contamination and remediation issues in the Baylands, please view the Remediation page.

Other Information

Please visit this webpage for updates.  Also, to be included in future email updates, please submit your email address on the email submission page.