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Report Copy Request

Request Procedures/Requirements:

  • Complete a “Request for Police Report” form.  Forms are available online, in the lobby or you may call the Records Division and request that a form be mailed or Faxed to you.
  • Turn in the completed form to the Records Division in person, U.S. Mail or by Fax.
  • You will be contacted at the telephone number you provided when the report is ready or if we have any questions regarding your request.
  • Please be prepared to show proof of identity and relationship to the requested report.
  • Please allow up to 10 business days for response.
  • No Fee

Local Records Check/Clearance Letters

Request Procedures/Requirements:

  • You must come to the records division in person during business hours.
  • You must bring a valid picture identification.
  • Fees:
    • Resident $6.00
    • Non-Resident $32.00


  • By appointment only:  Contact CSO Morgan Roller at 415-508-2182
  • Fees:
    • Resident $29
    • Non-Resident $89
  • Must bring own fingerprint cards (for application prints only)

Child Seat Installation/Inspection

  • By appointment only
  • Contact CSO Morgan Roller at 415-508-2182

Property and Evidence

  • By appointment only
  • Contact CSO Morgan Roller at 415-508-2182
  • Please reference the case #.  If you do not know the case # please provide the date of incident.
  • You must arrive with your picture ID.
  • We will only release property to the actual property owner unless extenuating circumstances exist.  Please advise the property clerk when making the appointment if the owner cannot be present.
  • Found property and property for safe keeping that is not claimed within 90 days will be destroyed.


  • Individuals seeking the return of a firearm(s) that is in the custody or control of a court or law enforcement agency must submit a Law Enforcement Gun Release (LEGR) Application along with the appropriate fees to the Department of Justice.
  • A firearms eligibility check will be conducted to determine if the applicant is lawfully eligible to possess firearms. A notice of the results will be sent to the applicant. The notice must be presented to the court
  • The Brisbane Police Department will not release a firearm(s) that is in our possession to anyone without a valid LEGR.
  • Firearms that are not claimed within 180 days after a LEGR has been submitted may be disposed of according to law.


  • Any prescription medication in the possession of a law enforcement agency cannot and will not be returned.  You must seek prescription refills from your doctor.