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Why Brisbane?

With a tradition of fiscal responsibility, the City of Brisbane prides itself on its commitment to the prosperity of Brisbane businesses and residents.

Brisbane's small size and autonomy, within the large economy of the Bay Area, makes it a unique and valuable location for many businesses.  City Hall staff at all levels take pride in their commitment to help business owners answer any questions or concerns.  Brisbane also has a very active Chamber of Commerce, which regularly hosts evening networking events as well as the City's State of the City Address and Candidate's Night.  The Chamber also keeps track of all the residents and businesses who have requested a Brisbane Star, so if you're interested in obtaining one, please contact Chamber Director of Marketing & Sales, Alison Wilson.

Within Brisbane, there are three main areas where businesses are located: Crocker Industrial Park, Sierra Point, and commercial-zoned areas (Brisbane Village, Visitacion Ave., Industrial Way and Bayshore Boulevard).  According to Larry Purcell, Former Vice President of The Purcell Murray Company, "Crocker Park is the finest industrial park in the Northern Peninsula, bar none."

We hope you find this section helpful as it contains valuable information for starting or relocating your business in Brisbane which includes information on available commercial real estate.