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Crocker Industrial Park Technical Assistance Panel (TAP)


In January 2014, the City of Brisbane partnered with the San Francisco chapter of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) to hold a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) exploring land use and design issues at Crocker Industrial Park.  The TAP program utilizes ULI volunteer land use professionals from multiple fields to evaluate and provide unbiased professional recommendations on complex land use issues.  For more information on ULI’s TAP program go to https://sf.uli.org/

In the case of Crocker Industrial Park, the City identified several specific questions for the TAP to address which included:
  1. What are viable long-term land use and design options for Crocker Park? 
  2. Can Crocker Park be made more diverse and economically resilient through the creation of subdistricts (including residential) for land  use/marketing/business clusters, and how might subdistricts be differentiated?
  3. What design considerations should be considered for the planned mixed use opportunity site to take advantage of its key location at the entry to the City and proximity to the Community Park and Brisbane Village Shopping Center? 
  4. What land use options should be considered for the Quarry property?


To respond to these questions, the TAP process includes several important components.  First the City prepared a briefing book for the TAP Panelists providing them with an overview of the physical, economic, demographic and land use characteristics of the area.  This was followed by an intensive 2-day on-site visit where the TAP Panelists visited the site and interviewed more that 30 local community stakeholders representing elected officials, community groups, business, realtor, and property owner interests, and City advisory boards.   At the end of the two day visit, the TAP Panel made a presentation to the community outlining their preliminary findings and recommendations.  This was followed by a publication of the Crocker Park Technical Assistance Report.



The City Council’s Economic Development Subcommittee will be reviewing the Crocker Park TAP Report and making comments and recommendations to the full City Council later this year.  Check this website for updates.