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Relocating Your Business to Brisbane

Photo by Karen Cunningham

Do you need to find a location for your business in Crocker Industrial Park, Sierra Point, or one of the commercial zoned areas in Brisbane?  You may need to obtain a business license or gain resources and support from the business community.  One of the best resources for you is the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce.  They offer regular evening networking opportunities with their NETwork@NITE mixer programs held at different business locations throughout Brisbane each month, as well as host the City's State of the City Address, Candidate's Night, and are the keepers of the list of all the Brisbane residents and businesses who have received a free Brisbane Star.  If you're interested in obtaining yours, please contact Alison Wilson, Director of Marketing & Sales with the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce.

Be sure to select a space or building that meets the property type, location, and criteria that's right for your business.  One of the sites we have found to be very helpful in searching available office space for rent in Brisbane is www.Rofo.com.  And, if you're looking to locate your business to Crocker Industrial Park or Bayshore, your employees can be eligible to ride on the white Commute.org shuttles.  Click here to read more about these free shuttles, provided to those that either live or work in Brisbane.

If you've already identified a business location, but have planning, zoning, or building questions for staff, they would be more than happy to assist you.  Contact the Community Development Department in City Hall, 50 Park Place, Brisbane CA. (Map) - (415) 508-2120, or by e-mail planning@brisbaneca.org.  They can help you to verify the legal use and zoning of your location, or help you determine the suitability of the site for your particular type of business.