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Community Visioning Workshops

The process of updating the General Plan began with a series of community workshops in 2004.  The first workshop reviewed the goals and vision of the existing plan and took public input.  Additional workshops focused on the Baylands, the largest undeveloped subarea of the plan.  The latest in the series was the “Placemaking” workshop by the non-profit, Project for Public Spaces (PPS), which focused on the downtown areas and Sierra Point.

 “Placemaking” Workshop

In September 2005, the City sponsored a two-day, Placemaking Workshop by PPS.  This was open to the entire Brisbane community.  Participants heard presentations on what great public spaces are and how they are created.  They also visited various places in Brisbane to discuss their observations and ideas on what it would take to make these places great places.  Participants were charged with creating a vision for how the places might be revitalized; with a focus not only on creating new places, but on pedestrian access to them and the kinds of uses, activities and amenities that could be programmed into specific areas to create excitement and draw people into these places.

PPS compiled the results in a draft report, “Brisbane is Awesome! Defining the Core Places in Downtown Brisbane”, which was presented to the City Council (see Agenda Report) for review and comment.