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Specific Plan and Infrastructure Plan

The February 2011 Baylands Specific Plan, prepared by Universal Paragon Corporation (UPC), superseded the 2006 Baylands Specific Plan, which only showed what was then referred to as Phase 1 of the proposed development, on the eastern side of the Baylands.

The Brisbane Baylands Specific Plan, provided by the property owner, is available for public review, see below.  Paper copies of the document are available for review at City Hall and the library.  CDs of the document can also be obtained at the Community Development Department.  Note that the applicant’s proposal is one of several alternatives for development of the site that was evaluated in the Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR), which was released on June 11, 2013.

Brisbane Baylands Specific Plan, dated February 2011 (DEIR Appendix C):

Cover and Table of Contents
Executive Summary
1.  Introduction
2.  The Planning Area
3.  Sustainability Framework
4.  Land Use and Community Design
5.  Conservation and Open Space
6.  Circulation
7.  Utilities and Services
8.  Implementation
9.  Public Facilities Financing
Appendix A:  Brisbane Baylands Specific Plan/General Plan Consistency Analysis
Appendix B:  Involvement of Other Agencies in the Baylands
Appendix C:  Use Classifications - Brisbane Baylands Specific Plan
Appendix D:  Glossary

Infrastructure Plan, dated February 2011 (DEIR Appendix B)