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Baylands Final EIR

The Baylands Final EIR has been published and is now available for public review. 

The “Final EIR” consists of;

1.      The Draft EIR (available online here)

2.      All comments received on the Draft EIR by the Draft EIR comment deadline;

3.      Written responses to all comments received by the Draft EIR comment deadline;

4.      A listing of all agencies, organizations, and individuals who commented on the Draft EIR; 

5.      Changes to the Draft EIR resulting from the comments and responses referenced above; and

6.       A Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program MMRP identifying proposed mitigation measures, the means by which they will be implemented, and how their implementation will be monitored and verified.

Items 2-6 of the Final EIR can be accessed here.  Electronic copies of Final EIR are available via CD or USB memory stick at the Brisbane Community Development Department, City Hall, 50 Park Place, Brisbane. Paper copies of the Final EIR are also available for review at the Brisbane Community Development Department and at the Brisbane Library 250 Visitacion Avenue, Brisbane, CA 94005).

Public hearings on the proposed Brisbane Baylands Specific Plan, related project components, and the Baylands Final EIR have not yet been scheduled, and are not expected to commence until Fall 2015.  Additional public notice will be provided well in advance of scheduled public hearings on this matter.