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New Addition to Dog Park

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Thanks to the efforts of a number of folks, the colorful train that has long been a favorite climbing apparatus at the Solano St Play Area is now a permanent part of the Dog Park.  After hearing that City staff was to remove the train from the play area due to safety concerns, PB&R Commissioner Renee Marmion suggested hanging on to it and relocate for preservation purposes.  Interest grew in this idea so the Commission reviewed several sites on City property, eventually choosing the Dog Park.
Commissioner Cris Hart then took the installation lead and, working with City Public Works staff, refurbished the 5 pieces.  He completed the project by installing them to the fence near the Park Lane end of the Dog Park.  He stated that several dogs have already "initiated" the new additions to their area.
Take a look at the Dog Park's newest decorative addition when you get a chance. A very special thanks to those that thought outside the box and were able to preserve this little piece of Brisbane history for all, dogs included, to enjoy!