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THANK YOU to all the community members who attended Community Conversation 2 on Saturday, May 4, 2019.  Click here for the full meeting report from that conversation.

Sixty-five individuals spent a few hours of their Saturday afternoon thinking about our community's shared future, hearing highlights from the March 21st conversation, receiving a presentation from Community Development Director John Swiecki on next steps for the City, developer, and community, and finally, participating in a "gallery walk" where attendees used sticky notes to comment on the topics of community interest for the Baylands and Brisbane's futureClick here to view photos of the gallery walk posters taken after the event; Appendix II of the meeting report includes all of these comments as well.  There was also an opportunity for participants to sign up for topical email lists so that they can stay informed about the areas they care the most about.  These 8 topics were culled from input provided by community members over the years, as well as attendee feedback from the recent March 21st conversation.  Universal Paragon Corporation (UPC), the Baylands developer, will be seeking additional input on the type of features the community would like to see. These engagement sessions will take place over the summer and fall months, with the first workshop taking place on Sunday, June 30, 2019 at Mission Blue Center starting with lunch at 1:00pm.

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Handouts from the Evening:gallery walk


(Scroll down for handouts from the first conversation)

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Conversation #2
May 4, 2019

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This is a different conversation from the first one that took place in late March.  At this second conversation on May 4, you'll:

  • Find out about the steps coming up for the Baylands development and who is responsible for what parts of the process
  • See what the community has said so far and share your ideas on the topics that matter most to you
  • Connect with others and choose how you want to stay involved

conversation2The first community conversation took place on March 21st, where 87 community members participated around round tables at Mission Blue Center. In the participant input forms that were filled out at the conclusion of the event, the majority cited how they had gained new perspectives about other people who live or work in Brisbane, that they learned useful information, that they have a better understanding of our community's shared values and beliefs, and that the format of the meeting worked well for them.   A report covering the first meeting is available by clicking here

ALL are welcome to attend this second community conversation, whether or not you were there for the first one. The meeting will be designed so that new participants will be able to easily join the conversation, while also building on the first and work that has been done in the past.  There will also be time for attendees to select topic areas they’re interested in and care about, talk about the topics they choose, and a way to sign up to stay involved.

Childcare will again be offered through the Parks and Rec Dept. so please register for that in addition to the event if you could use it!  

ALSO, the 2nd Annual 7 Mile House Jazz Fest falls on that same day and Vanessa has graciously offered 4 free tickets to the festival that we'll be raffling off at the end of the meeting. She will also be providing all interested attendees with a free drink ticket for draft beer or any house wine. Entry to the festival is $20 in advance online or $25 at the door. What a steal - grab your tix at: www.7milehouse.com

Please plan on joining us on May 4th! Our community needs your perspective.  And please help us spread the word for both events to people who do not normally attend meetings in Brisbane. 

To start receiving weekly email updates from the City, join the City-wide news email list at: www.tinyurl.com/blast321


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Conversation #1
March 21, 2019


Mission Blue Center was abuzz with engaged voices on the evening of March 21st, where community members gathered around round tables, learning from and listening to one another’s concerns as well as what they love about this special community. If you couldn’t make it that night, don’t worry, there will be a report that will be posted here on this page that we encourage you to read and share once it’s made available. There will also be a second conversation that will build on what was shared at this first one. It will take place once again at Mission Blue Center on Saturday, May 4th, in the late afternoon. Stay tuned for more information. The best way to do that is to sign up for our weekly news blast, sent each Friday afternoon and provides a good summary of what’s happening in town, including upcoming events, public meetings, signboard postings, and a social media spotlight. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up at: tinyurl.com/blast321.

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Handouts from the Evening:


The video that jumpstarted the new community engagement process in January of 2019: