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In 2014, the City Council identified the L.T. Clarke/5 Star Café site as the preferred site for the new Brisbane Library and afterwards formed a Library Planning Stakeholder Group.  This group was comprised of representatives from the Friends of the Brisbane Library, Mothers of Brisbane, San Mateo County Library Staff, Brisbane School District, BEST/PTO, City Council (1 member, plus 1 alternate), a Parks and Recreation Commissioner, the City Manager, and the Public Works Director. 

Library Planning Stakeholder Group (LPSG) reviews architectural-engineering RFPs (early 2016)

 LPSG recommends architectural and design firm (Siegel & Strain) to Council (April, 2016)

 50% design of the New Brisbane Library to Council (November 3, 2016 meeting)

Council adopts a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND)* for the new Library (February 2, 2017 meeting)

Council approves final design of the Library and invites construction bids (March 15, 2018 meeting)

Council awards construction contract (May 17, 2018 meeting)

Construction of the Library starts (July 2, 2018)

Groundbreaking Ceremony (July 14, 2018)

Construction ends (expected Summer 2020)

As far as funding goes, the County Board of Supervisors voted to authorize $300K in Measure A funds for design purposes at their March 29, 2016 meeting.  The County Library System will provide $400,000 for furniture and furnishings.  The Friends of the Brisbane Library are setting out to raise $100,000 for the new Brisbane Library.  Click here to donate and Put Your Mark on the New Brisbane Library! 

At their March 15th City Council Meeting, the Brisbane City Council approved an agreement with the County of San Mateo for a $1.7 million loan at an interest rate of 1.2% for 15 years.  The estimated cost of the Library ended up being $9,065,000.  Approximately $3.6 million would come from City funds, with all of its Business License revenue dedicated to Capital Improvements. 

* The Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) study found that the new Library would not have a significant effect on the environment because mitigation measures have been incorporated into the project.