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smile brisbane

The Brisbane Parks and Recreation Department’s motto is “making memories”.  With their new #smileBrisbane campaign, they’re focused on doing just that, and are finding ways to do so remotely.  Here's a special message to the community from Parks & Rec:

Hello Brisbane residents! We recognize that this is a complicated time and we want you to know that you're not alone and we are here for you! We are a resilient community founded on neighbors helping neighbors. We believe that recreation comes to the rescue in some of life’s most difficult times. We are champions of the human spirit and that doesn’t change despite what is happening around the world today.  Does the recent shelter in place order make it harder for us to live out the mission of our department? Sure, but we like a challenge. More so, we like to see our residents happy and, therefore, challenge accepted! We believe in making memories for our community and today’s no different. So...we're rolling out #smileBrisbane, an initiative focused on continued service to our residents that intends to combat social isolation and support community health & wellness. Over the next several weeks, our team will be curating remote recreational opportunities for residents of all ages and sharing them via social media and web-based platforms. Join us on this journey and we promise not to let you down!

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