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Baylands City-Wide Survey


Throughout the long-running Baylands planning process, the City has consistently sought the community’s input.  In addition to the many meetings, workshops, and hearings the City has held over the years, the City undertook a survey of all registered voters in Brisbane to gauge community opinions and attitudes on a number of issues pertaining to the Baylands.  The survey, undertaken from August 25 - September 12, 2015, was mailed to approximately 2,200 registered voters, and 580 responses were received, which is a very strong return rate for a mail-in survey. The results of the survey were presented to the City Council on October 27, 2015. Click here to view the 10/27 report presentation. The survey results will inform the Planning Commission and City Council’s decisionmaking process for the Baylands.  

Survey Results

The raw survey results may be viewed here.  In summary the survey results found that voters have high awareness of the Brisbane Baylands and view it as important to the City.  In considering development options for portions of the Baylands, voters prioritize environmental issues such as air and water quality, and open space preservation over other potential uses, such as housing. The issue of housing is one on which the community opinion is split.   A majority of voters views developing a portion of the Baylands as an important approach to addressing existing contamination.  The voters further demonstrated an interest that the City proactively engage developers to ensure the Brisbane’s values are reflected in any future development of the site.

The City also received verbatim responses on the open ended questions from the survey. The questions were:

  • Question 8: In a few words of your own, what have you heard, seen or read about plans to do something with the Baylands?
  • Question 12: Are there any other goals that you find personally important that were not listed above?
  • Question 18: Next, in a few words of your own, what would you tell a friend, neighbor, or coworker should be done with the Baylands?

The document is in a pdf format embedded with bookmarks.  The document may be scrolled through as one form, or use the bookmarks via Adobe Acrobat controls.

Some responses have been redacted per the City’s web policy, which may be reviewed on the social media page.