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Open Space and Ecology

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Open Space and Ecology Committee
03/13/2012 - 7:00pm



Tuesday, March 13, 2012
7:00 PM

Community Meeting Room
Brisbane City Hall
50 Park Place, Brisbane, CA  94005

1.         Adoption of the agenda.

2.         Oral Communications for items not on the agenda.*

3.         Welcome to New Member of the Open Space and Ecology Committee.

4.          Presentation by Community Development Director John Swiecki on Update of Sierra Point Design Guidelines.
                     a.   Discuss and finalize OSEC recommendations to City Council. 

5.          Meeting with City Council Liaison Subcommittee.

                     a.   Discuss Open Space and Ecology Committee matters with Mayor Lentz and  Mayor Pro Tem Miller.

6.          Other Committee Matters.

                     a.   Update on process for Baylands Sustainability Action Plan
                     b.   CAG update
                     c.   Review of Open Space and Ecology Subcommittees
                     d.   Habitat Restoration Day update
                     e.   Discuss presentation and display on marine debris
                      f.    Recognition of Service by Ray Miller and Peter Stiehler                                                 

7.          Approval of minutes: February 14, 2012. 

8.          Next meeting date.

                     a.   Discuss meeting dates/times for 2012

9.          Adjournment.


*Public comment on agenda items is welcome at the discretion of the Chair.