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December 2019 STAR Newsletter

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Click here to read the December 2019 STAR Newsletter.

December 2019 Marina News

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 Click here to read the December 2019 Marina Newsletter

Sand Bags Available at City Hall

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Sand bags are now available for Brisbane residents in the parking lot of City Hall.  Please no businesses, or commercial.  10 bag limit.  Thank you!


Community Pool Facility Gets a Deep Cleaning

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Community Pool

Pool Patrons likely noticed the facility looking cleaner a few weeks ago as the existing custodial company conducted a deep cleaning which included: cleaning of the locker rooms/showers/floors, facility windows, and buffing of the lobby/office area floors.  Parks and Recreation staff are currently gathering estimates from other custodial service providers and assessing changing providers in order to keep the facility looking its best.  Moreover, Parks and Rec staff have been conducting audits of the facility, in addition to the daily oversight performed by the Aquatics team.  The Public Works Dept. is also responsible for the facility’s upkeep, and to that end, have assigned a contractor to work on rust removal on specific items in the locker rooms.  There will be further facility improvements made during the annual 1-2 week winter maintenance closure of the Pool facility, taking place in early 2020.  This includes: re-staining the locker room benches, countertop replacement, and shower resurfacing.  We’re looking forward to these facility improvements!  For any questions about the upcoming work, please contact the Parks and Recreation Dept. at (415) 508-2140.  They will also be notifying Pool Patrons via the dedicated Pool Patron email list as we draw nearer to the closure and the work being completed.

Dog Park Improvements

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This past week, a new table and set of chairs were installed by Parks and Rec staff at the Dog Park. 

new table

They are currently in the process of receiving bids for a replacement shade structure and will have a unit purchased and installed shortly.  

In the meantime, enjoy plenty of seating at the Dog Park, which will continue to be improved over the next few weeks.  Other items to note are:

  • Installation of additional signage and leash racks
  • A new message board will be installed in the next few weeks by Public Works
  • A new doggy water fountain along with a small agility ramp have been ordered and will be installed shortly

We will provide more photos updates when the new features have been installed.  

As we move into the winter rainy season, the grass portion of the Dog Park will be closed on inclement weather days.  We thank you for your understanding and patience as the Dog Park is undergoing renovations and facility improvements!  If you have any questions, please reach out the Parks and Recreation Dept. at (415) 508-2140.