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Active Threat Presentation

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With more and more incidents of workplace shootings having taken place in recent months, the Brisbane Police Department saw a need to ensure that the businesses in Brisbane were properly equipped with the information and knowledge of what to do, if ever an active threat should take place at their places of business.  Officer Sevilla gave the presentation (see Part I and Part II), which was held at the Radisson on Monday, October 24th.  More than 50 employees attended the presentation, with agency representatives saying how good of an idea it was to host such an event.  The 7 Mile House, who sponsored the event along with the Radisson, even brought lumpia, fried zuchini, chicken strips, and small donuts and coffee for all.

Thank you to the Brisbane Police Department, Officer Sevilla for making the presentation to the businesses, as well as Sergeant Garcia and Officer Nelson for also helping provide the business community with great knowledge and education about this important topic area.