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Presidential Primary Election

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vote center

Brisbane City Hall's Council Chambers was transformed into a County Vote Center Saturday, February 29th through Election Day, Tuesday, March 3rd.  Thank you to all the voters and County election staff and volunteers who helped make our Vote Center operation run smoothly, including Brisbane residents DeeDee Porter and Dan Ryan, as well as Nancy Lacsamana who assisted the Elections Office as a courier and picked up ballots from drop boxes around the County.  Thank you all!

To get the latest election results and reports go to: https://www.smcacre.org/elections

February 2020 Marina News

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marinalogo Click here to read the February 2020 Marina Newsletter

Safety Upgrades to Fire Hydrants

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fire hydrant safety featureOver the next 6 months, Public Works will be upgrading the visibility of all 246 of the City’s fire hydrants, and color-coding the hydrants so that responding fire engines know the hydrants' flow capacity.  As shown in the photo, every hydrant will have a reflective color-coded marker placed behind the cap on the large (“pumper”) outlet.  The blue marker indicates the hydrant is connected to water zones capable of providing more than 1,500 gallons per minute of flow.

For each of the City's 54 painted hydrants - that are also connected to the City's water system - a tall, reflective flag will be attached to the smaller (“hose”) nozzle.  This will allow the hydrants to be quickly located during low visibility, and will allow the continued painting of hydrants with non-reflective paint while still providing quick location identification for our firefighters and those assisting from other cities during times of mutual aid.

Have you ever wanted to paint or restore one of Brisbane’s fire hydrants? The Parks and Recreation Department organizes a Fire Hydrant Painting & Restoration Weekend every two years, usually in the springtime.  The next one is coming up next year, in 2021.  So keep that period in mind and be sure to sign up early when registration opens – they go fast!  Thank you for all that have lent your artistic talents to bring these hydrants to whimsical life!

Use GORequest to Report Service Requests to the City

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For the past several years, the City has been using GORequest to receive, track, and file service requests.  Download their app for free to report any issues you see around town on your smartphone.  After downloading it, turn on Location Services, and start reporting.  It's that simple!


February 2020 STAR Newsletter

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Click here to read the February 2020 STAR Newsletter.