Proposed AGENDA


Wednesday, March 10, 2004, 7:00PM


1.Main Conference Room, City Hall


50 Park Place, Brisbane, CA  94005


1.  Adoption of the agenda.


2.  HCP Amendment process.


a. Draft staff report to City Council

b. Consideration of Environmental Groups’ Statement.

c. Update on public workshops


3.  Update and discussion of City Council actions on issues involving Open Space and Ecology Committee actions/recommendations. 


a. acquisition of two parcels in the Brisbane Acres.

 b. Supplemental appropriation for SBM Habitat Restoration Day.


4.  Other Committee Matters.


a. Green Bldg/sustainability ordinance

b. Tank Farm

c. Status of Preparations for the SBM Habitat Restoration Day.

d. Report from Mary Gutekanst on invasive species management workshop.

e. San Mateo Countywide Guide to Sustainable Buildings

f. Ecology Star Awards.


5.  Approval of minutes of November 12, 2003 meeting.


6.  Approval of minutes of December 10, 2003 meeting.


7.  Approval of minutes of February 11, 2004 meeting. 


8.  Public Comment.


9.  Adjournment