Proposed AGENDA


Wednesday, February 11, 2004, 7:00PM


Main Conference Room, City Hall

50 Park Place, Brisbane, CA  94005



1.      Adoption of the agenda.


2.   Welcome for newly appointed Committee member Paul Bouscal and reappointed Committee member Mary Gutekanst.


3.   Review of Construction and Demolition debris draft ordinance


4.   City input into HCP Amendment process. 

      a.   Followup on January 14, 2004 joint meeting with City Council.

      b.   Consideration of Environmental Groups’ Statement.


5.   Other Committee Matters.

      a.   Update on upcoming San Bruno Mountain Habitat Restoration Day.

      b.   Update Committee contact list


6.   Approval of minutes of November 12, 2003 meeting.


7.   Approval of minutes of December 10, 2003 meeting.


8.   Date of next meeting(s).


9.   Public Comment.


10. Adjournment