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Water-Wise Photo Contest

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water wise

Do you have: 

  • a drought-tolerant, native, or water-wise landscape?
  • a solution to pollution like a rain barrel or bioswale?
  • Or something else? Something new? 

If so, Flows to Bay wants to hear from you.  They're looking for a healthy range of projects, from the simple solutions to the more complex contraptions.  Submissions can include rain barrels, rain gardens, lawn replacements, and even sketches of future projects - they believe that good ideas don't necessarily have to be built (yet)!

When you submit a photo of your project you'll be ENTERED TO WIN a feature on the Flows to Bay Facebook page and a $30 Amazon gift card, or one of two $10 Starbucks gift cards. 

That's it!  Enter your photo today and good luck to all the contestants!

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