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Your Messages of Support, Delivered

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UPDATE: Friday, February 1 - At last Friday's Council of Cities event which the City of Burlingame hosted, Parkland shooting survivors David Hogg and Ryan Deitsch from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  These young men who survived a mass shooting at their high school were well-versed and powerful speakers.  Their main message was to change the conversation from "gun control" to "gun violence protection".  Their key messages were three-fold: that we need to empower kids at their schools to really say something if they see something not right, that all students need to help each other and be concerned about their and each other's mental health, and that when educators or students identify students in need or in trouble, help must be provided lest we see more tragedies like this take place.  

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David and Ryan were thrilled and grateful to receive a customized banner and filled with signatures of Lipman students who stand with the students of Stoneman Douglas High School.  Additionally, Councilmember Cunningham presented David and Ryan with a pile of cards penned by residents expressing their love and appreciation for what these brave and bold students are doing.

A huge thanks to the City of Burlingame for hosting a memorable Council of Cities event last Friday and to everyone who wrote in with their letters of encouragement and support!

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Parkland Messages

Each month, our City Council meets with Councilmembers from other cities within San Mateo County for the Council of Cities event.  This month, it's being hosted by the City of Burlingame, and they will have two survivors of the Parkland, FL/Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting present with them.  If you wanted to write them a message of support, please bring them to City Hall by 1pm on Friday, January 25, 2019 (the date of the event) or email it to cityhall@brisbaneca.org.  Students can also bring them to the Brisbane School District Office located at 1 Solano Street, Brisbane.  Thank you in advance for shedding hope, love, and continued support to the visiting students from our City of Stars.