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How Brisbane Became the City of Stars

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The week leading up to the Festival of Lights, we were contacted by the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce, indicating that a reporter from KQED wanted to interview someone in town about the history of the stars.  One of the listeners of their podcast, "Bay Curious", had submitted the question, "Why do residents of the town of Brisbane put up five-pointed stars at the holidays?"  Their reporter, Bianca Taylor, set out to find out.  She was put in contact with then-Mayor Clarke Conway, who gave her a brief interview, and then met her at the Festival of Lights just before the show started for a more in-depth interview.  While in town, she was able to take shots of some of the houses with stars and experience the festive, cheery atmospere that comprised this 32nd Annual Festival of Lights.  Read Bianca's article of how the Brisbane stars came to be, by clicking here.  If you don't already have a star, see about getting one in time for the 2019 holiday season!  They are provided free of charge to all Brisbane residents and businesses who desire one.  Contact Alison Wilson with the Brisbane Chamber at (415) 640-9875.

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