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City's Support of SB 672

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UPDATE: Friday, 4/26 - Senate Bill (SB) 672, authored by Sen. Jerry Hill, overcame its first hurdle in the legislature when it passed out of the Senate Housing Committee this week.  SB 672 would exempt Brisbane from receiving new regional housing responsibilities during the current (through 2023) and next housing element planning period (2023-2031), in recognition of the development work the city is doing on the Baylands.  In particular, the bill would require Brisbane to rezone the Baylands during the current planning period, consistent with Measure JJ which voters approved in November. The bill would also require Brisbane to report on its development progress to the Department of Housing and Community Development, as part of its annual report already required by existing law.  This same report will also be sent to the Association of Bay Area Governments.  And finally, when the developer submits a revised specific plan consistent with Measure JJ, Brisbane would have 24 months to review and approve the plan. 

As Sen. Hill explained in committee this week, “SB 672 allows Brisbane to focus its efforts on getting the Baylands – an important regional project – developed properly.  The bill does this by ensuring consistency in Brisbane’s regional housing needs allocations during this planning cycle and the next, in recognition of the commitment already made by the city’s voters to double its housing stock.”  SB 672 is not final yet.  The bill still has a long way to go before becoming law so its provisions are subject to change.  Click here for the Senate Housing Committee's Analysis of SB 672.

At the April 4, 2019 City Council meeting, City Attorney Thomas McMorrow briefed the Council on SB 672, which was amended by Senator Hill to prohibit the Association of Bay Area Governments from allocating a share of the State’s regional housing need to cities that meet their Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA) by 350% or more.  Implementation of Measure JJ, which Brisbane voters approved last November, will accomplish this.  SB 672 is being heard by the Senate Housing Committee next week.  The Committee is chaired by Senator Weiner, who is requesting a letter of support for this bill from the City.  Click here to read the City’s Letter of Support for SB 672, which is unique to and only benefits Brisbane, and will hopefully become law in the Fall. 

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