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Baylands Planning Commission Hearings

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The Planning Commission established a schedule for the hearings on the Baylands that have now concluded.  The schedule enabled the Commission to complete its review in an organized and efficient manner that allowed for maximum public transparency and convenience.  The schedule also defined which topics would be discussed when, and clearly identified when public testimony will be accepted. - See more at: http://sites/baylands-planning-commission-hearing-process#sthash.yCvcWzz...

Between September 10, 2015 and August 25, 2016, the Planning Commission held workshops, public hearings, and meetings regarding the Baylands. The Planning Commission Proceedings Document (Part 1 and Part 2) constitutes the full and complete record of the Planning Commission’s proceedings regarding the Baylands planning application and related EIR.  The materials are organized by meeting date, and consists of staff reports, presentations (if applicable), minutes and relevant correspondence. 


Separate from the meeting records, there was also Baylands-related written correspondence received by the Community Development Department during the formal review process.  This correspondence is organized chronologically and indexed by general topic.  


Planning Commission's Final Baylands Resolution


Below are the meetings with videos of the proceedings.